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Welcome to Maxway. We specialized in design, development, and produce AC/DC Motors & Gearboxes. OEM is acceptable. Your inquiries and questions are all Welcome.
Maxway Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Maxway Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

Maxway Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Manufacturer and Exporter of the following products in Taiwan. Our object is supply a best services, making superior products, offering specification of products operation, and support technical data to the customers. Our main products are:

  1. AC Induction Motor.
  2. DC Permanent Magnet Motor.
  3. AC/DC Gear Motor.
  4. Parallel Gearbox.
  5. Hollow Shaft Worm Gearbox.
  6. Motor Speed Controller.
  7. Accessories and Parts.

All the motors as above mentioned can be connected with Gear Heads. and then they can lower the speed and raising the effect of torque. Besides, all the motors can be joined a variable speed control and electromagnetic brake ...etc. Any enquiries are all welcome.<...more

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