<![CDATA[Maxway Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.]]> http://https://www.motor-net.com Thu, 6 Oct 2022 12:18:42 +0800 3600 <![CDATA[ AC Induction Motor, AC Induction Gear Motor (2IK(RK)6W, 3IK(RK)15W, 4IK(RK)25W, 5IK(RK)40W, 5IK(RK)60W, 5IK(RK)90W, 5IK(RK)120W, 5IK150W)(2023/Apr/25 18:03:04)]]> http://https://www.motor-net.com/01-2ik6w.html These motors have four series and eight powers: 6W, 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W.

  1. IK series: Induction Motor--- Rotation of C.W. or C.C.W.
  2. IK series: Brake Motor and Variable Speed Motor---can be plus the electromagnetic brake or electronic brake or speed control, so the motor with brake can be starting & stop instantly.
  3. RK series: Reversible Motor---putting a shoe in, the speed can be slow down, and rotation can be C.W. or C.C.W.
  4. RK series: Brake Motor and Variable Speed Motor---plus an electromagnetic brake or electronic brake and speed control, the rotation can be obverse or reversal immediate obverse & reversal.
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01-2ik6w <![CDATA[ Gear Reducer/Gear Head/Gearbox (2GN( )K(B), 3GN( )K(B), 4GN( )K(B), 5GN( )K, 5GX( )K, 5GX( )KB)(2023/Apr/25 18:04:54)]]> http://https://www.motor-net.com/02-2gnkb.html These series of reduction gear heads, have six different models: 2GN, 3GN, 4GN, 5GN, 5GU, 5GX, the range of reduction ratio are 1:3 to 1:1800. The maximum allowable torque is 250 kg/cm, and there are three types of workload:
(1) GN type is a light loading.
(2) GU type is a medium loading.
(3) GX type is a heavy loading.
You could choose the different type of torque depends on your demand, and you could use AC Motor or DC Motor or Brushless DC Motor to match the power then lower the speed and increase the effect of torque. Gear Reducer has two bearing to selection:
K: Means to use ball bearing. (Heavy Loading)
B: Means to use metal bearing. (Light Loading)
The details of model codes, ratio of reduce speed, and a list of torque, please see the table.

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02-2gnkb <![CDATA[ D.C. Motor, Portable Bag Closer Motors, AC Commutator Motors (DM-4522, DM-5025, DM-5030, DM-5230, DM-5250, DM-6055, DM-6065, DM-6075, SM-73BP, SM-7338)(2023/Apr/25 18:02:33)]]> http://https://www.motor-net.com/03-dm5025.html This series of motors are: D.C. Motors, D.C. Reduction Gear Motors, A.C. Commutator Motors, Portable Bag Closer Motors, Speed Controller & Drives.
DC Motor:

  1. DM series: This standard model has five styles, output 15W-250W, speed: 2,000RPM & 3,200RPM. Welcome to selection.
  2. DS series: This is custom made item. The design can be changed according to the customer's damand in order to fit any powers on the machine or on the special machine of gearing. There are 900RPM to 6,000RPM of speed to selection.

DC Gear Reducer Motors:
There are five models, 15/25W, 25/40W, 30/50W, 60/100W, 100/150W. These models can be used on six kinds of reduction gear heads. They can lower the speed and increase the torque.
AC Commutator Motors:
It suitable for any machines of high speed, output: 100-150W, speed: 18,000RPM.
Portable Bag Close Machine Motors:
They are suitable for Japan, U.S.A., Taiwan and other countries who make the portable bag close machine.
The Above Motors: can be extra an electromagnetic brake or variable speed controller to make it as a break motor or variable speed motors.

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03-dm5025 <![CDATA[ Hollow Shaft Worm Gear Motor (25 & 35)(2022/Oct/4 13:59:21)]]> http://https://www.motor-net.com/05-hwg25.html
  • This series is Hollow Shaft Worm Gear Reducer, can be extra an output shaft.
  • Could be connected with many kind of motors, such as AC Motor, DC Motor, and Brushless DC Motor.
  • Mono-block processing of hollow shaft, hi working load, highly safe.
  • Can be horizontal or vertical to install, and to turn into the others.
  • Output Shaft: Either of Single Shaft or Dual Shaft.
  • Gear Ratio: 5:1~60:1, 15:1~10800:1 (could be connected with Gearboxes of 4GN,5GN & 5GX).
  • Housing: Aluminum-die casting.
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